IceWarp Hybrid will save your organization thousands!
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 01 October 2018 11:52 AM
Did you know that a Hybrid environment WILL save your organization thousands of dollars? A Hybrid email platform architecture is where there are multiple email software / services running for a single domain name. IceWarp On-Premise and Cloud has been successfully deployed in Hybrid environments with O365, Exchange, G-Suite as well as Lotus Domino. In a very typical hybrid scenario power users such as senior
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IceWarp Cloud now available in Singapore!
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 16 July 2018 07:56 AM
IceWarp is the leading Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite alternative that simplifies and streamlines day-to-day communication for more than 50 million end-users worldwide. IceWarp's new Collaboration Solution Suite is available for On-Premise deployment as well as Cloud subscription and comprises of a powerful eMail Server Core, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Groupware, Teamchat, WebDocuments, Instant Messaging, VoIP, SMS Server, Web-Based Conferencing, WebDAV Server, FTP Server,
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Enjoy the benefits of the cloud and operate your own IceWarp Unified Messaging Server without capital investment! ICECLOUD , an IceWarp Dedicated Cloud Solution is now available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia! IceCloud Dedicated VPS cloud packages start from 10 mailboxes up to 5,000 mailboxes with customizable storage allocation depending on your requirements.  Read Complete article

IceWarp Releases Version 11.2 With a New WebAdmin for Mobile Devices
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 16 April 2015 06:24 AM
IceWarp Messaging Server 11.2 is now available with Web-based administration for simplified management of domains, users and mailing lists from any device.  Read More...
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IceWarp to Convene 12th Annual Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 16 May 2014 09:27 AM
Global messaging solutions provider IceWarp has announced it will hold its 12th Annual Conference Monday, May 19th to Wednesday, May 21st, 2014. The much anticipated 2014 conference will focus on the IceWarp product roadmap, new geographically tailored features, and key integrations with third-party products. IceWarp partners, who compose a distribution network covering over 40 countries, will be an integral part of the discussions.  Read Complete article

IceWarp has released the newest version of its award-winning messaging server that reinvents the messaging software market by offering Online Meetings, Document Management and Dropbox Integration in one package. IceWarp 11 also features enhanced email, VoIP, Mobile Synchronization and IM functionalities managed from a revamped user-friendly WebClient.  Read More...
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